The AL3 process imagines each product we create as part of a continuous cycle, which allows us to manage multiple, smaller parts or phases of a project as independent products.

Our Process

We find that the process diagrammed above reduces the "cognitive overhead” required to complete a project - in other words, our staff and our customers need to take fewer mental steps to get from where we are now to where we want to be. We’ve broken down our work process into 6 parts, as seen in the above chart:

  • DEFINE THE PROBLEM: We develop a good understanding of the problem(s) to be solved, and what ideas customers may have about how to solve them. We identify all goals and guardrails.
  • COLLECT DATA (DISCOVERY PROCESS): We gather relevant customer data, diagram customer processes and examine existing solutions.
  • BRAINSTORM AND ANALYZE: We analyze opportunities to fine tune processes and map out proposed workflows for customer review.
  • DEVELOP: We code, code, and code -- to implement all manner of improvements.
  • PRESENT: We present a preliminary solution to the customer, review the functions and interface, and collect feedback through user testing.
  • REFINE: We apply feedback from testing to the solution, and deliver the project or phase for live use. If anything needs updating due to later phases or process changes, we simply move back to step 1 and go through the cycle again.